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    Monsterfrau Donaufestival 2013

    Monsterfrau against Marduk
    "Her combat for "absolute omnipotence" at donaufestival will ensue in the well-proven collaboration with sound artist Sascha Neudeck, inventor of the SubtleNoiseMaker, and the visual artist and designer Patrizia Ruthensteiner. Post-industrial malevolent soundwalls and subtle yet brutal noise coincide with a stupendous image and costume-packed one-woman performance."

    Photo of Spikebox

    A versatile, touchable sound- and noisegenerator with a lot of sonic possibilities to explore. comes with an intuitive interface consisting of twelve heavy nails, six 3-way-switches and six potis. makes absolute weird sonic noisewalls and rhythmic ever-changing patterns.

    Photo of Cacophonator II

    In June 2012 Heribert Friedl and I founded CLONC. Our aim is to create danceable tracks (Yes, no high art microsoundish crackle this time!!). Have a look and click on the pic.

  • Photo of WSG

    New amazing music video of ROOIE WAAS using the SubtleNoiseMaker Weird Sound Generator and Cacophonator II.